Fire Protection

fire1Burgarello Alarm is a one-stop source that delivers turn-key solutions for ease and peace of mind for our Clients. This includes the initial consulting phase we conduct with each Client to ensure the accuracy of the project quoted and the applicable Scope of Work deliverables. This may include specific installation requirements required for the site, including:

· Single-zone and multi-zoned systems.
· Programming panel requirements.
· Troubleshooting normally-open and normally-closed circuits.
· Pre and post work inspections.
· Agreed upon choice to replace or upgrade the existing system as well as the necessity to remove the previously existing Fire System.

Burgarello Alarm Technicians are trained in the installation, testing, servicing and repair of most nationally distributed residential and commercial Fire Products. In addition to the design and plan review process required for Commercial Fire Alarm Systems, we also conduct any coordination required by the local AHJ in conjunction with the Fire Permit Approval and Fire System Final Inspection for all of our Clients.